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Finding your suitable readers for keyboard laptop stickers is not easy. You may need consider between hundred or thousand products from many store. In this article, we make a short list of the best readers for keyboard laptop stickers including detail information and customer reviews. Let’s find out which is your favorite one.

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[2 Pack] Keyboard Cover Skin for 15.6" HP Pavilion x360 15-BR075NR,Envy X360 15M-BP012DX 15M-BP011DX 15M-BQ021DX, Pavilion 15-CB010NR 15-CB071NR 15-CC010NR, 17.3" HP Envy 17M-AE111DX, 2020,Mint Green

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020


1. DO check your laptop model. If not the one listed here, please contact us for the correct listing. It is only fit for these models:

— 2018 Flagship HP Pavilion 15.6″ TouchScreen laptop

— 15.6″ HP Pavilion x360 15-BR075NR

— 15.6″ HP ENVY x360 15M-BP011DX 15M-BP012DX 15M-BP111DX 15M-BP112DX 15M-BQ021DX 15M-BQ121DX

— 15.6″ HP 15-CB*** series, such as 15-CB010NR 15-CB071NR

— 15.6″ HP 15-CC*** series, such as 15-CC010NR 15-CC020NR 15-CC063NR 15-CC064NR 15-CC065NR 15-CC123CL

— 15.6″ HP 15-CD*** series, such as 15-CD040WM 15-CD051NR 15-CD072NR 15-CD075NR

— 15.6″ HP Spectre x360 15-CH011DX

— 15.6″ HP 15-BW*** series, such as 15-BW069NR 15-BW070NR

— 15.6″ HP 15-BS013DX 15-BS020NR 15-BS020WM 15-BS033CL

— 17.3″ HP ENVY 17M-AE011DX 17M-AE111DX

— 17.3″ HP 17-BS*** series 17-BS010NR 17-BS020NR 17-BS019DX 17-BS049DX,etc

2. DO check your “enter” key to make sure it is a rectangle as the photo’s. If your “enter” key looks like “7”, our skin can’t fit.

Silicone Keyboard Skin for 15.6″ HP Pavilion X360 15-br075nr, HP Envy x360 15m-bp 15m-bq, HP Spectre x360 15-ch011dx, HP Pavilion 15-cb 15-cc 15-cd 15-bw 15-bs & 17.3″ HP 17m-ae 17-bs Series – Rainbow

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020


High quality Silicone Keyboard protective skin cover for HP notebook

Compatible models:

– 2018 Flagship HP Pavilion 15.6 inch flagship touchscreen laptop.

– 15.6 inch HP Pavilion x360 15-br075nr (Released in 2017)

– 15.6 inch HP Pavilion 15-bs** Series, such as 15-bs010nr 15-bs013dx 15-bs020nr 15-bs020wm 15-bs080wm 15-bs033cl

15.6 inch HP Pavilion 15-bw** Series, such as 15-bw004wm 15-bw010nr 15-bw011dx 15-bw011wm 15-bw032wm 15-bw064nr 15-bw069nr 15-bw070nr

– 15.6 inch HP Pavilion 15-cc** Series, such as 15-cc010nr 15-cc020nr 15-cc063nr 15-cc064nr 15-cc065nr 15-cc066nr 15-cc510nr 15-cc563nr 15-cc564nr 15-cc123cl 15-cc057cl 15-cc665cl (Released after July 2017)

– 15.6inch HP Pavilion 15-cb** Series, such as 15-cb010nr 15-cb071nr 15-cb079nr (Released after July 2017)

– 15.6 inch HP Pavilion 15-cd** Series, such as 15-cd040wm 15-cd051nr 15-cd072nr 15-cd075nr

– 15.6″ HP Envy x360 15m-bp011dx 15m-bp012dx 15m-bp111dx 15m-bp112dx 15m-bq021dx 15m-bq121dx (Released after July 2017) 15m-cn0011dx 15m-cn0012dx 15m-cp0011dx 15m-cp0012dx

15.6″ HP Spectre x360 15-ch011dx

– 17.3 inch HP Envy 17m-ae Series, such as 17m-ae011dx 17m-ae111dx (Released in 2017)

– 17.3 inch HP Pavilion 17-bs** Sries, such as 17-bs008cy 17-bs010cy 17-bs019dx 17-bs049dx 17-bs010nr 17-bs020nr 17-bs019dx 17-bs049dx

Keyboard Skin for 15.6" 2018 Flagship HP Pavilion, HP Pavilion X360 15-br075nr, HP Envy x360 15m-bp 15m-bq Series, HP Pavilion 15-BS 15-BW 15-CC 15-CB 15-CD Series, HP Spectre x360 15-ch011dx -Rainbow

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020


We are committed to providing you good quality and personalized new 15 17 HP keyboard cover skin protector.

Applicable Models:

1. 2018 Flagship HP Pavilion 15.6″ Touch Screen laptop

2. 15.6″ HP Pavilion x360 15-br075nr

3. 15.6″ HP Envy x360 15m-bp011dx 15m-bp012dx 15m-bp111dx 15m-bp112dx 15m-bq021dx 15m-bq121dx 15m-cn0011dx 15m-cn0012dx 15m-cp0011dx 15m-cp0012dx 15-cx0030nr 15-cx0020nr ….

4. 15.6″ HP 15-CB** series: 15-CB010NR 15-CB071NR 15-CB075NR 15-CB079NR ….

5. 15.6″ HP 15-CC** series: 15-CC010NR 15-CC020NR 15-CC063NR 15-CC064NR 15-CC065NR 15-CC066NR 15-CC510NR 15-CC563NR 15-CC564NR 15-CC123CL 15-CC057CL 15-CC665CL

6. 15.6″ HP 15-CD*** series: 15-CD040WM 15-CD051NR 15-CD072NR 15-CD075NR

7. 15.6″ HP 15-DA** series: 15-DA0014DX 15-DA0012DX 15-DA0030NR 15-DA0020NR …

8. 15.6″ HP 15-DB** series HP 15-DB0011DX 15-DB0072NR 15-DB0073NR ….

9. 15.6″ HP 15-BW** series: 15-BW010NR 15-BW064NR 15-BW069NR 15-BW070NR 15-bw004wm 15-bw011dx 15-bw011wm ….

10. 15.6″ HP 15-BS** series: 15-BS013DX 15-BS015DX 15-BS020NR 15-BS020WM 15-BS033CL 15-BS080WM …

11. 15.6″ HP Spectre x360 15-ch011dx

12. 17.3″ HP Envy 17m-ae011dx 17m-ae111dx 17m-bw0013dx

13. 17.3″ HP 17-BS** series: 17-BS008CY 17-BS010NR 17-BS020NR 17-BS019DX 17-BS049DX …

Package content:
1* Silicone keyboard skin (US version)
US Version—- the “Enter/Return” key is a rectangle instead of looking like Arabic numerals “7”

Keyboard Stickers with Fluorescent Inlays Plus USB Light. Extra Large Symbols. Inlays (Not Printed). Will Not Wear or Fade. U.S. English Laptop & PC

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020

These are commercial grade inlays, not printed letters on vinyl tape. An inlay can not wear out. Unlike printed or painted stickers which wear off from the oil in a person’s hand, the letter or symbol goes from the front to the back of the chip. Each chip is a vinyl chip, not a piece of tape. Before installing, the consumer should inspect the back of the sticker. If the symbol is not visible from the back, it will not hold up under normal use. Fluorescent paint or ink will begin to dull in weeks. Others spray black paint or ink over a yellow background. The Fluorescent ingredient in these chips goes all the way to the back. LARGE FONT. 36 point inlays in Arial Bold Font instead of the normal 24 pt. font, creates symbols which are nearly 50% larger. The super stick adhesive that holds each vinyl chip will last a minimum of three years. The florescent Inlays are indelible and completely washable. They contrast with the black matte finish of the vinyl chip without causing glare which can irritate the eyes. A USB LED light is also included. It can be plugged into any USB port on a computer, laptop, or notebook. The light can be twisted or bent and will retain that shape (like a Gumby doll). It also can be used with a USB telephone charger or a USB compatible battery as a night light. The light is rated at 1.2 watts and will use any power source from 2 to 5 volts. The life of the light is guaranteed for 40,000 hours of use. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you should damage a sticker as a result of problems with the application, we offer a “Mulligan” policy. Send us a picture of the unusable sticker(s) and we will replace all of the stickers at no cost. The best tool to apply the stickers is a tweezers (included). This will allow you to line up the stickers, making the job look neater. Type: English US Alphabet. Perfect for people with corrected vision or for the elderly.

[2 Packs] Replacement English Keyboard Stickers on Non Transparent Black Background for Any PC and Laptop (ENG)

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020


TICKY TACKA stickers are suitable for any water bottles, laptops, furnitures. These stickers are made in Korea with the highest quality using silk coating. So, they will never wear off or change the color. You will love them!

SANFORIN Keyboard Cover for Microsoft Surface Laptop 2017/Laptop 2 2018/ Surface Book 2 13.5" and 15", Silicone Skin Protector with Individuality Design, US Layout, Bohemian

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020

Size:for Surface Book 2 13.5″15″/Laptop 2 & Laptop | Color:Bohemian 1

1. Provide full protection for your keyboard against dust, liquid spill (coffee/beer/milk), key wear, contaminates and more.
2. Made with premium engineering grade durable non-toxic silicone, ultra thin to 0.3mm won’t hurt the screen and made it easier for typing.
3. Easy to apply and remove, completely washable and reusable.

Cover perfectly fit model
— Microsoft Surface Book 2 13.5 inch & 15 inch(2017/2018 Released)
— Microsoft Surface Laptop and Laptop 2 13.5”

NOT fit (Part of the function keys are inconsistent):
–Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inches (2015 Released)
–Models: CR9-00001, CR9-00013, PA9-00001, SX3-00001, SX3-00013, CS5-00001 and CR7-00001.

–Microsoft Surface pro 5
–Microsoft Surface pro 4
–Microsoft Surface pro 3

or other models.

Package Include:
1 * Keyboard Cover

Please check your device model number before placing your order.

Keyboard Cover Compatible HP Envy x360 2-in-1 15.6" Laptop / 2019 2018 HP Pavilion x360 15.6” Series/HP Pavilion 15 Series/HP Envy 17t Series/HP Envy 17 17-AE 17-BS 17-BW 17-CA Series, Rose Gold

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020

2PCS Pack Universal English Keyboard Stickers, Computer Keyboard Stickers Black Background with White Lettering for Computer Laptop Notebook Desktop (English)

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020

Keyboard Skin for 2018 2017 Acer Chromebook Premium R11 11.6 CB5-132T CB3-132 CB3-131, Acer Chromebook R 13 CB5-312T, Acer Chromebook 14 CP5-471, Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532 CB5-571 C910 (Ombre Pink)

Last update was on: Monday, October 5, 2020

Color:Ombre Pink

We are committed to providing you good quality and personalized Acer Chromebook 11 13 14 15 keyboard skin cover protector.

Applicable Models:

1. 2018 2017 Acer Premium R11 Convertible 11.6 inch 2-in-1
2. 11.6 inch Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131 CB3-131-C3SZ CB3-132 CB3-132-C4VV
3. 11.6 inch Acer Chromebook R 11 CB5-132T CB5-132T-C1LK
4. 13.3 inch Acer Chromebook R 13 CB5-312T CB5-312T-K5X4
5. 14 inch Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 CP5-471
6. 15.6 inch Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-531 CB3-531-C4A5 CB3-532 CB5-571 CB5-571-C09S CB5-571-C1DZ CB5-571-C4T3 C910
7. 13.5 inch Acer Chromebook Spin 13 CP713

NOT Applicable Models:

1. Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-111 series
2. Acer Chromebook 11 C670 C710 C720 C720P C740
3. Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311 T9B0 T7NN T1UU T9Y2 T677
4. Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311P T9AB
5. Acer Chromebook 13 C810
6. Dell Chromebook, HP Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook, ASUS Chromebook… series


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